Why I am starting my blog again?

Why I am starting my blog again?
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

I mean, what could come out of it?

I started to blog because I thought I am an "intellectual being", which I later realized that I am not.  Second reason was MONEY!

I earned absolutely nothing (money wise) , I got Google Adsense activated though for some reason, which I came to know is hard for other people to get.

Anyways, I started to drift away from it. Because I failed at both of my objectives, money as well as my intellect. It's hard to write when people say you write shit, which I lowkey agreed because I like self loathing activities like every human on this planet.

I do not want to sound cool, smart, or weird to you, my reader.

Instead I want to sound like me, It might not make sense, but in this moment when I am writing this, It does.

I have no aim regarding this blog, it's just something I do.

This is my outlet, you are at the receiving end.

See you soon.