Why did we invent the concept of Future?

Agricultural Revolution: A fatal miscalculation

The concept of Future was invented around 10,000 years ago when humans began to devote almost all their time and effort to manipulate the lives of a few animal and plant species, It was the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution and the concept of the future itself.

It was a massive transition from hunter and gatherers to farmers.
It had come with a cost, A cost that we are paying till this day and will pay till the extinction of the human species.

The concept that you can work hard today and you’ll get rewarded in the “future” established when the farmers sowed a seed in the ground and expected it to grow.

Wheat: The Game Changer

Let’s think for a moment about the agricultural revolution in the context of wheat, 10,000 years ago wheat was just a wild grass, within just a few millennia, It was growing all over the world. Wheat has become one of the most successful plants in the history of the earth.

We didn’t domesticate wheat, it domesticated us.
The word domesticate comes from the Latin word Domus, which means ‘house’, Who’s living in the house? not wheat but Usyuval

Yuval Noah Harari

Agriculture bought the concept of the Future, An idea that we can bargain with it, You can sacrifice something now to get something in a time and place that doesn’t even exist yet.

Morden World

New York, USA – August 20, 2018: Crowded with many people walking Times Square with huge number of LED signs, is a symbol of New York City in Manhattan, New York, USA

Nothing has changed in the modern world, we are still living the life of farmers with the mindset of hunter and gatherers just with high anxiety and stress levels.

There is not much difference between an ancient farmer and a modern human biologically
Modern human goes to school, university for education by the hope of a good future similar to the ancient farmer who sowed the seed for crops.

The degree to which you should work hard is dependent on your assumption about the stability of the future.jordon peterson

Dr Jordan B Peterson

Modern humans and ancient farmers both are unaware of the trap they have voluntarily fallen into. The Future is a fictional place and the Present is where reality unfolds, but yet we like to bargain with reality by believing in the said future, and somehow it magically works.

The currency of evolution is neither hunger nor pain, but rather copies of DNA helixes. Just as the
the economic success of a company is measured only by the number of dollars in the bank account, not the happiness of its employees, so the evolutionary success of a species is measured by the number of copies of its DNA
, It doesn’t account for individual suffering.


Future: A Fictional Tool

Future is the only tool created to bargain with reality something that is created by the collective imagination of human minds. Other animals also use this tool for storing food and preparing themselves for the worst-case scenario.

We use this tool to schedule our tasks, plan life ahead and without this tool there would be no progress.

All the marvels that we have created are based on fictional values. Because fiction is what humans agreed on 10,000 years ago.

Humanity’s search for easier life released immense forces of change that transformed the world that
nobody envisioned or wanted.

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