Why are we curious about anything at all?

What do we mean by curious?

The word curious comes from the Latin word cūriōsus, Which means Careful, diligent, thoughtful, devoted. That injures himself by care.

What does “That injures himself by care.” mean?

Whenever you find a new piece of knowledge that contradicts what you already knew shakes your belief system. The degree to which you have injured your belief system will depend upon how important the knowledge was in your belief system. The belief could be an entire religion or a misconception of the earth being flat.

The more upset you get about something, more central the thing is in your structure of belief.Peterson

Dr Jordan B Peterson

Openness indicated how open-minded a person is, so generally people who are curious are high in openness and vice versa. Openness is generally a good indicator of the academic and social success of a person.

Science Behind curiosity:

There are basically two types of curiosity categorized in science

Perceptual Curiosity: One that is associated with a sense of finding out a mystery of some kind, which can be felt while watching a crime drama or sci-fic thriller.

Epistemic Curiosity: One that is associated with a dopaminergic reward system which is related to the curiosity of scientists and scholars.

Why bother being curious?

Curiosity generally leads to new information, which has some inherent value to us. By knowing more we reduce uncertainty in our lives. The more knowledge we have about the world the better we understand it. Curiosity also indicates a personality trait called Openness.

We often find uncertainty more unpleasant than unpleasant certainty.stevens

Michael Stevens

Curiosity = Higher chances of Survival

Why we are curious can be answered by the behavior of a cat entering a new room, When a cat enters a new room it scans all the corners for the potential danger that it might hold and finding places to hide if anything goes wrong. Similar behavior is observed in humans too, Whenever we are subjected to a new environment we often do the same procedure.

“Follow your interest and it will take you somewhere you don’t want to go and then at least you’ll learn something”carl jung

Carl Jung

Curiosity is a problem?

It can be a problem if you are constantly changing your belief system and not sticking to one. Because when you are down in life you need a certain belief to hold on to even if it’s not true. A simple concept like hope can be more powerful than rational probability and statistics of life. But if you only settle for truth nothing else then you have a hard road ahead of you and I wish you good luck for that, may your curiosity lead you to do something that benefits society and change the world, it’s only possible if you believe in it.

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Interesting?zizek

Slavoj Žižek

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