The Invention of Language and How it’s reinventing itself

The Most Important Invention

We cannot imagine a life without communication and most of all languages.
Language is the best form of communication that we have developed to spread information.
Every Invention that we can think of is built upon language or some form of communication.
With this tool, we can express our feelings and emotions in detail in the form of a text or a conversation.
Language is also deep-rooted in our psyche as we are affected by the words we hear from people around us, it’s not the purpose of sole communication but feelings and emotions attached to it.


When we are talking to ourselves, we are having a conversation in our mind using the tools of languages, to express or tell a story to ourselves.
Imagine a day without having an internal conversation, how would that day be? – it would be peaceful for most people but if you are solving a problem, a thought is what you need. To make a thought, you have to think, and usually thinking needs language.

The Art of Communication

All animals communicate with each other, communication might be with signs or different tones of sounds. but only humans communicate through languages with systematic grammar and symbols.
We express ourselves by forming different sentences to convey the information, some people are better at this than others.
It is an essential tool for the development of our species as a whole and by doing conversation better we are understanding each other better and with that, the world can become a better place than what it is now.

The Invention of Different Languages

When the homo-sapiens appeared in East Africa, it is believed that there was one language at first to began with and others believe that we inherited it from our ancestors Homo-Erectus, It was an invention that would set humanity apart from other animals.
Then why do we have so many languages?
The answer to this is fairly simple when a homo-sapien tribe separated to a different location and let say completely different environment, generation after generation their vocabulary evolved differently hence when they meet one another after many generations, they might not understand each other because their language has evolved independently from one another. For example, an American might not understand why a Britisher is saying because of different vocabularies.
And every Spanish or English speaker does not have to know Latin to communicate although they have evolved from the Latin language
Many languages have been overlapped because of globalization and colonization. Words like “app”, “website” etc have no alternative words in other languages (most probably), so they are added to dictionaries of other languages and people use them in their daily life although their origin is not from their language.

How It’s Reinventing itself

Gen Z has taken it upon itself to make new words as quickly as possible, spread them through the internet, even if it has no inheart meaning but the language is evolving at a record pace, new acronyms are appearing every day as “idk”, “tysm”, “ikr” etc are used very often.
As you have the freedom to choose a word, give it your own meaning and spread it to your friends and if all your friends agree on the context of the word, Boom you have invented a word and if popular it will end up in dictionary one day.

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