What are the issues that arise from the abundance of information?

The Value of Information

In the pre-historic era, the value of gossip was very high, helped people to place themselves properly in society and improve in life accordingly.

Newspaper, Radio, and Television

Information was available at your home for the first time in history.
These information mediums were directly or indirectly controlled by high powers in the state, so all information that was coming to you in this era was filtered, so you can only know what you are supposed to know about the world and its events according to the higher powers.

Internet Boom

On 30th April 1993, the Internet was released to the public. You probably know the story after that, For the first time in history, information was decentralized and it shaped the world into what it is today.
The Internet accelerated the growth of technology and society in general,
It gave power to people to broadcast anything to everyone around the globe with their device in few clicks.

Memory Overload

Social Information

Social information is the most valuable information according to our brains. What other people are doing helps us to figure out where to position ourselves in society. But what if the information is false? It could lead to a wrong interpretation of the society that we live in and make ourselves more distant from our environment.

Real identity is now replaced by virtual identity.
Virtual identity can be whatever you want to project into your social group.

It gives an imaginary control over your social life.

Hierarchy management

Where to position oneself in a social group is a subconscious calculation that you don’t have to worry about consciously, But it can affect your emotional and mental state directly. Our position in a social hierarchy structure more or less controls our emotional and hormonal state.

We need hierarchy because they give us something to aim at.

Jordan B Peterson

And the most common way to know your position in the social group is to pick up your phone, open a Social app, see what other people are doing and compare yourself to them. This is basically how everyone is positioning themselves in the structure. This method has too many flaws, to begin with. You don’t know the legitimacy of the method. Which can lead to wrong interpretations of people and wrong positioning in the social regime. Which can eventually lead to depression and low self-confidence.

Shorter Attention Span

The amount of work we have to do to get information today is negligible, Every swipe of your thumb gives you new information which leads to a higher dopamine level in a period of a few seconds. Hence it is no surprise that the internet generation has a shorter attention span.

It takes a lot of time and effort to learn new skills, So it would take high dopamine to motivate us to do it, but the same dopamine is release in every swipe on social media, And the brain doesn’t like to work hard for the things it could get easily. Dopamine detox is a viable solution to this problem.

Global Exposure

The Internet has enabled us to view other countries in an unfiltered form. We can interact with strangers from around the globe and see what is different in terms of the socio-political environment, But the problem arises when we interact with their culture more than we do with ours, Hence some people feel alienated from their culture because they don’t connect with it anymore. Living in an environment to which we don’t relate anything makes us addicted to our devices which connects us to a culture we want to be a part of.

Lack of an Original Thought

We are constantly engaged with new information and opinions of other people. We don’t give time to think critically about the topic people are giving opinions about, we form one around what other people are saying and choosing a side between them rather than thinking about the topic in the first place. Generally, people with a shorter attention span don’t put much effort into thinking which leads them to believe in conspiracy theories like Flat earth, Vaccine chips, etc.

If we are guided by other people’s thoughts, What is the point of having our own?

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