System requirements for running a Homo sapien aka Human

The Following information is for:

Homo-sapiens v.2.0
Initial release 100,000 years ago
New Update installed 10,000 years ago

here system is referred to as the body and the user is referred to as “self” or “consciousness”.

Minimum Hardware requirements:

Water (H2O):

Water should be added to the system regularly to keep it running in optimal condition, It also improves the efficiency of the operating system when added. Additionally, it makes the software optimally operate on the hardware.


Food is to be added to the system whenever the system notifies to do so, The system will crash if the food intake is not optimal. Avoid putting alcohol, sugar, gluten, drugs into the system which acts as a virus to the system which harms the overall efficiency.


It’s used to refresh the system at a hardware level, which makes the hardware ready to co-operate with the software more efficiently. There are many brands to choose from like cardio, weight training, etc. Choose according to what your system requires.

pro tip: clean your system at least once in 2-3 days.

Software requirements:

Operating system:

It’s a very strong pre-build system that was recently updated 10,000 years ago, it’s very similar to the operating system of chimpanzees. The processing power is fairly good and the memory storage capacity is 2.5 petabytes or a million gigabytes which is able to store many software and run them smoothly.

It does all the processing in the background of converting a 2D image that falls on the retina into a 3D image, And processing other sensory data from ears, skin, nose, etc simultaneously. This information is essential to the software that is running on them.
Other essential processing happens during digestion and reproduction which is an inbuilt system but requires external input from the user.

Build-in software in the operating system:


Being social very essential in the homo-sapiens version v.2.0, because the structure is built around processing information of 600 other similar systems and placing a ranking (hierarchy) of systems which helps the pre-built social software to position the user accordingly.


The survival software uses the social and environmental software data to compute its survival factor for the user if the user survival factor is very low, it indicates the user through systematic warnings by activating programs like anxiety and other emotional indicators.


The Reproduction program is more important to hardware and software systems than it is to the user, It also imports data from social and survival programs including sensory data. To make sure that new systems and users are generated from the current user, It’s more of a pyramid scheme.

Imitation (modeling software):

For living in a group of systems where users have to build new systems with time you need to upgrade your system early in its life, so imitation or modeling is a pre-built system that allows the user to mimic its environment and integrate with it successfully. For example, language is not a pre-built software but it is integrated when you are subjected to an environment where other users are using it to be more efficient, all of this is achieved by Imitation.

Essential software:


The difference between good and evil, right and wrong, lungi and Mario, etc are defined in this program, user more or less have control over writing and editing the program and it operates according to the social and survival data it gathers from the system.

Sometimes due to hardware malfunction, this program might fail to operate and cause harm to other systems as well as other users which would impact survival and social data. For example, adding alcohol, drugs to the system.

This is one of the more important software that the user can change according to its environment, which has turned out good as well as bad for the world, For example, In WW2 the moral program was mass edited by a small group of users which lead to the destruction of many systems and its users.

Building new software:

For building new software the operating system has given an IDE (integrated development environment) called thinking which uses language as its pre-built functions.
So for developing new software you need to maintain optimal hardware for smooth integration into the system.

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