How many things that we experience are illusions?

A misinterpretation of reality is called illusion.
As we will see here, There is a massive difference between what reality is and how we perceive it.


Sound is particles traveling with a certain wavelength and amplitude, if that range is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency we can hear that sound.
But the word hears implies that what we experience is something that doesn’t exist outside of our perception. And I can not know for sure that what I hear is the same as what you hear. Hence an illusion that doesn’t exist outside our version of reality inside our minds.


When the light falls onto objects, It gives a certain amount of energy to electrons to jump orbitals, and while the electron is jumping it releases the energy of a certain wavelength of light which our eyes perceive as color

We can only see the visible spectrum in the entire electromagnetic spectrum

Even what we see in reality is far more complex and alien than we imagined.
The colors are also an illusion with the same problem as sound.
Is my red the same as your red?
This subjective problem is known as Qualia.

Our subjective experiences are so unique that language fails to express what we experience in a raw state, We can’t explain what a color looks likes to a person who is blind, And music to a deaf person.


We can never live in the present, When all the sensory data is being collected in the brain it takes a certain time to process the information and in that fraction of a second the present moment is lost.

So we can say we live in the past.


Thoughts are the most important things that have helped us to achieve milestones as a species. But thoughts are based on language and language itself is fictional, So thoughts like sound, colors, and time don’t lie outside our minds.

We are all alone with our perceptions

We can never know if my red is the same as your red, I have no way to verify that my happiness is the same as your happiness, Or my pain is the same as your pain. So I am alone with my own set of feelings, so are you.

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Is your red the same as my red?

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