How did Isaac Newton lose $4,000,000 in Stock Market

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is known for Inventing calculus and discovering the basic ideas and formula of gravity and how it governs celestial objects.

He was a genius of his time, His IQ is estimated to be 193.
One of his most influential works is his book – Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

Principia Mathematica

The Story

Sir Isaac Newton was a prime investor in the early 1700s in England and had a very diverse portfolio.

In the 1720s, Isaac Newton had shares in the New South Sea company.

South Sea company

The New south sea company traded enslaved Africans to the Spanish colonies of the Americas and helped the government with debt.

Their stocks were very popular at that time, Considering the price of the stock was higher than it should be, Newton sold his stocks for a whopping £700, adjusting inflation that is $155,000!

After a while, Newton Jumped back into the market due to the hype of the New South Sea company.

Newton invested even more money in their stocks, But the market crashed and Newton lost £20,000, adjusting inflation that is $4,00,000!

This crash is known as the South Sea Bubble.

The Moral

Even geniuses like Sir Isaac Newton can be caught in the greed of the market, Newton’s friends were making more money than him, Even being aware of the stock being over-valued he still invested due to the Fear of missing out (FOMO) on the opportunity.

Hence it’s proved that no matter how genius you are the basic human tendency of always getting on top can take over the critical thinking and lead to bad decisions that can cause like in this case loss of millions of dollars

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