About this thing...

Is this the your first time of reading an about page?

Because I haven't read any website about page, it's boring.

I just want to get on with whatever I was going to do on that site, but observing you reading this, must be because you are forced to do so (by me), or you don't have any social media platform installed on your phone, and my website is the only source of entertainment left for you, which is sad though. You could have been seeing cat videos on YouTube but instead you are here listening to your inner voice reading text on a screen.

Umm sorry, I hope I didn't make you feel anxious about reading my about page. Sorry if I made you feel like you could have done something productive.

You see I thought of myself as someone who is mind-blowingly creative, but I am not, Fortunately.

I am normal, annoying, peaceful yet chaotic.

I purchased this domain to write blog about weird and interesting things that humans are doing or have done, I still intend to do that but more non-apologetically.

Thank you for spending time here.